Milont MLT Military-grade cable displacement sensor

Product introduction:

MLT cable displacement sensor, range of 500~1200mm, military grade, sensor output signal types include: resistance output, voltage output (0-5V;0-10V), current output (4-20mA, two-wire or three-wire system).The sensor has the advantages of small size, high precision, easy installation and use. It is specially used for machine tools and equipment, and can also be used for other special occasions.

产品参数 | Product parameters

Performance parameter:

Range: 500-1200mm

Linear accuracy: ±0.15%FS

Repeatability accuracy: ±0.02%FS

Resolution: infinite no broken parsing

Maximum allowable working voltage: 24V DC

Output signal: resistance output0-5KΩ; Voltage signal (0-5V, 0-10V); Current signal (4-20mA)

Sensor type: wire wound hybrid potentiometer (encoder)

Maximum working speed: 1m / S

Temperature range: - 55 to + 125 

Service life: 5 million times

Traction: 250±25g

Wire diameter: 0.8mm

Protection grade: IP65

Maximum mass: 450g

Application area:

MLT cable displacement sensor is specially used for machine tools and equipment, and can also be extended to measure and locate the displacement of mechanical equipment such as storage position positioning, gate opening control, pressure machinery, paper machinery, textile machinery, packaging machinery, brush lifting machinery, construction machinery, woodworking machinery, hydraulic press, etc.