GF series split LVDT displacement sensor

Product Introduction

GF series split LVDT displacement sensor (crack gauge), dedicated to online monitoring of crack depth, width, 

opening and closing degree of civil engineering projects such as bridges, tunnels, buildings, concrete pavements, etc.

The sensor is powered by 12-24VDC, fish-eye heads at both ends, and the electronic circuit is sealed in a 304 stainless 

steel metal tube. It can be used in the open air or in a humid environment for a long time and work stably. 

The output signal is a standard 0-5V or 4-20MA that can be used by a computer or PLC. Output, or RS485 digital signal

产品参数 | Product parameters

Power supply: 12-24V

Working current: voltage output type supply current: 12MA

                            Two-wire current output type, power supply current 4-20MA

Displacement range: GF25: 0-5mm; GF50: 0-10mm; GF125: 0-25mm;

                                  GF250: 0-50mm; GF500: 0-100mm; GF1250: 0-250mm; 

                                  GF2500: 0-500mm;

 Output signal: 0-5V, 0-10V, 40-20Ma, RS485 digital signal

Linearity error: analog signal output ±0.25%FS, ±0.5%FS, etc. optional

Digital signal output:±0.1%FS, ±0.25%FS, etc. optional

Weight error5um

Resolution 0.1um

Dynamic characteristics: 200HZ

Measuring force: 80g

Working temperature:-25 to + 85

Impact resistance: 250g/11ms

Vibration allowed: 10g/2KHZ

Temperature coefficient: zero point0.01%/

Sensitivity 0.025%/


Monitoring of cracks in civil engineering projects such as bridges, tunnels, buildings, 

concrete pavements, and geological disasters such as landslides 

Mechanical equipment displacement measurement and position positioning